We are in early test & development mode so please bare with us. But in the meantime, here are a few answers to some questions. 


Who can post on theshire.co news board?


Whilst in test mode, those from select countries (U.S, U.K, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Singapore & Hong Kong) can post links to their reports on the news board if they fit one of the following descriptions below:





I'm a journalist, prominent blogger or someone who provides insightful product reviews. So how do I sign up?



Will theshire.co allow any blog, reviewer, news site or journalist to post their articles on the news feed?


We have a few internal guidelines that must be met. We also ask that you carefully read and agree to the rules during the accreditation process.


I'm about to post my first link on the news feed, how do I do this?


Here is the step by step procedure;

1. Log in

2. Then click on your username on the left of the page 

3. Select the news category of your report

4. On the next blank line insert the link to your report.

5. If our site auto-grabs your headline, summary and image and that is what you want to display on your post click on ‘Post’ and job done!

6. If our site does not auto-grab your headline, summary or image you can manually add the headline on the 2nd empty box or summary on the 3rd empty box. And you can click on the add image icon to add an image. 


If theshire.co auto-grabs your headline, summary and image, can you make modifications to your post?


Absolutely. Sinply edit and replace the headline or summary that we have auto-grabbed before posting. The same applied for changing the image of used on the post.


My news site can’t afford the time to manually post links to our articles on your site. Do you have a solution


Yes we do. Theshire.co news board API allows news sites and blogs to auto-post links to your articles on theshire.co News Board without lifting a finger.